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Anti-Ragging Cell

The Anti-ragging cell is a forum where students can approach the college authority directly in relation to any ragging related complaints.

The cell has the following members

  1. Prof. Monoranjan Joddar (Department of History, Convenor)
  2. Dr. Tarun. Kr. Sarma (Department of Botany)
  3. Dr. Arindam Seth (Department of Mathematics)
  4. Dr. Oli Khan (Department of Botany, Secretary, Teachers' Council))
  5. Dr. Gopal Chandra Mandal (Department of Anthropology)
  6. Prof.  Sk. Raju Ali (Department of Commerce)
  7. Prof. Samir Mondal (Department of Commerce)
  8. Prof. Pratik Rumba (Department of Economics)
  9. Dr. Sudipta Mondal (Department of Zoology)
  10. Dr. Suman Chowdhury (Department of Physics)
  11. Prof. Raspati Mondal (Department of Philosophy)
  12. Prof. Pranabpati Karmakar (Department of Geography
  13. Prof. Apurba Kanti Paik (Department of Political Science, President, Students’ Union)
  14. Sri Durgapada Patra (Office Staff)