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Women's Cell

The Women's Cell of the college is a platform where girl students can address their grievances directly regarding gender discrimination/sexual harassment etc.

At present the cell has the following members

  1. Prof. Pushpita Sarkar(Dey) (Dept. of Political Science, Convenor)
  2. Dr. Durga Biswas (Dept. of Bengali)
  3. Dr. Lopamudra Sengupta (Dept. of Political Science)
  4. Dr. Lipika Santra (Dept. of Physics)
  5. Dr. Sachari Kar (Dept. of Chemistry)
  6. Dr. Arpita Swarnakar (Dept. of Botany)
  7. Dr. Susama Sen (Dept. of Bengali)
  8. Dr.Payel Kar (Dept. of Philosophy)
  9. Prof. Priyanka Mondal (Dept. of sanskrit)
  10. Smt. Sonali Nandi (Non-Teaching Staff)
  11. Smt. Bijali Das (Non-Teaching Staff)